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The Declaration of Internet Freedom will save the internet from being broken

The “jargon-free” declaration, building on the success in preventing SOPA and PIPA from Breaking the Internet, is to “prevent Congress from passing legislation … that infringes on personal freedom” also seems meaning-free. It’s as if Bill and Ted had written the Bill of Rights… “Be Excellent to Each Other”.  Particularly pleased to see that “defend everyone’s ability to control how their data and devices are used” is a core tenet because it is a strong endorsement of copyright. Hurrah!

Don’t let Hollywood break the internet!

“The solution to this problem need not give one side the power to put the other side out of business.”

Very true, and a sentiment I am sure is echoed by the many content creators who are struggling to stay in business in the age of mega-powerful and mega-profitable digital behemoths.

But it was actually said, in Forbes magazine, by the head of the, um, Consumer Electronics Association, who claimed that SOPA and PIPA would- yes -“break the internet” by putting too much power in the hands of content companies.

(thanks to Terry Hart)