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What could possibly Break the Internet?

Hard though it is to understand, it seems that the internet is under constant threat from things which will break it.

Surprisingly often we are told, by those who are in a position to know, that some proposed change or law will Break the Internet, be the end of free speech or otherwise cause catastrophic and enormous consequences.

Although I always thought the internet was robust and fault tolerant, it appears to be fragile and vulnerable.

I set up this site to find and record these threats in one place so that they can be seen and evaluated. If someone makes a scary sounding prediction about the end of the internet as we know it, check here (and let me know about it too!)

Most of them, by the way, are overstated and nonsensical, disguising a self-interested agenda with sweeping and portentous claims, designed to create fear in the hearts of those who might otherwise damage the interests of the people making the claim.

For an excellent potted history of claims of doom, see this post by Terry Hart (from whom I have sourced many of the initial links on this site.