About this site

I set this site up after writing this post on my copyright blog. I was annoyed that wild and baseless claims were being made, seemingly unchallenged, by organisations and individuals who wanted to disguse their own self interest as the wider interest of the whole world.

Here’s the thing. The internet is hard to break. It may be that in the process of balancing the interests of various parties, some of them find their business harder to do, or even “broken”, but that’s not necessarily wrong. Which highlights the core hypocrisy of claiming the greater good as your ally: the best interests of everyone are rarely found by listening to just one voice.

While it may be true that everyone who makes these dramatic arguments sincerely believes they are right, that doesn’t mean their claims and assertions should be accepted, unchallenged. They should be prepared to back their arguments with facts, and make claims which stand up to scrutiny. Those to whom the arguments are directed should listen sceptically, to everyone, and make decisions based on more than predictions of doom.

If you see anything which should be here, leave a comment with a link and we’ll have a look…

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